Liza’s 11th Birthday!

Our baby girl, Liza, just turned 11 this week! I’m telling you the years are literally flying by!

This year she didn’t want a friend party and just wanted to keep it simple. She

didn’t even want her usual cupcakes that I make for her, but opted for a cookie cake instead.

I took the day off of work and enjoyed wishing our birthday girl a great big Happy Birthday

as soon as she woke, and then it was right to the presents. There was a couple things she

had been wanting for a very long time, and hoped they were wrapped up for her in

one of the packages.

Since she wasn’t having a big birthday party this year and we knew how much she’s

been loving and wanting to learn snowboarding as she’s been “practicing” all winter with her

big brother’s old snowboard in our backyard on a (very small) hill, hubby had the great idea

to take her to Detroit Mountain, which is only about an hour away and is the perfect spot

for new snowboarders and skiers to learn! We invited one of her friends and away we went.

I can say without a doubt that this was one of her happiest birthdays! She loved it at Detroit

Mountain and was whizzing down the hills right off the bat. I was super impressed with her skills.

My hubby is the skier in our family, so he was on ski’s going up and down the hills with her and her friend.

And yes, you guessed it! I was the “photographer” for the day. Imagine that. I loved it!

It wasn’t long and they wanted to go up using the BIG chair lift and go down the BIG hills. I was more nervous

than them! They had a blast though and loved the bigger hills, and were already talking about “next time” they

are going on the biggest hills they have! I have no doubt they will!

We ended the day with an awesome supper at one of her favorite restaurants, Zorbaz Pizza, in Detroit Lakes.

What a great day! And just like that I have an 11 year old!




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