My home office spring facelift | Fargo Moorhead natural light portrait photographer

My home office is the place I spend a lot of hours in.

This is where I do all my editing, marketing, emailing, facebooking, blogging, accounting and every other business related task.

It’s a great office space with huge windows that allow all of the natural light I need to get through my days!

Admittedly though, my space was overdue for a little face lift and I thought what better time to do it than this spring.

I have to say that I am really smitten with the progress so far!

All I have to do is look to my left and I see all these pretties you see here in the photos of some of my favorite little things.

That makes me smile and feel really happy in this room!

The bonus is that those pretties are sitting on my brand new storage organizer which I also needed badly, so double love for that!

My next purchase is going to be some fun complementary and colorful accents pillows for the small sofa that is in here.

Why do I have a sofa in my office you ask? You know, in case I need a nap!

Actually, I rarely ever nap, but I love when my kiddos and hubby come in and hang out with me while I’m editing and working.

I even put a TV in here this winter to lure them in to my office while I’m working……. p.s. it’s working!

Anyway, enjoy a little peek into my space!

xo~ Josette

pineapple lamp: Target

Magazines: Click Magazine (the best magazine out there for photographers!)

Books: Anthropologie

Vintage coral mini pitcher: White House Co. in Fargo

Fresh flowers: Clementines in Red Wing, Minnesota

White storage boxes and word art plaque: Michaels

Storage organizer: Costco



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