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Here’s a little Q&A about having a session with me.

If there is something I didn’t cover or you have any other questions,  feel free to email me at  exposuresbyjlinnea@gmail.com


when & where do you have your sessions?


My INDOOR sessions are held at my natural light LOFT studio in downtown Fargo. If you would like a peek into the LOFT, click HERE! We can also do your photos in the WAREHOUSE part of my studio and you can click HERE to see that. Both areas of the studio are unique with amazing light and features! In fact, we can use the LOFT, the WAREHOUSE or BOTH studios for your session. Since I am a natural light photographer, all sessions that are done at the studio are held during daylight hours with the best light between 10am and 3pm.

I start doing OUTDOOR sessions once spring arrives with warmer temps and the beauty of the earth starts to bloom and green up. My favorite time to shoot, and the time of day that will result in the most beautiful images, are in those couple hours leading up to sunset, otherwise known as the ‘golden hour’.  Since the sunset and length of daylight change with the seasons, the start times of outdoor sessions will vary according to the light. Fall sessions typically start around 3-4pm and spring and summer sessions start around 6:00-6:30pm.

During the warm weather months, my outdoor sessions are typically done Monday through Friday evenings. I will meet you on location at a local park, your backyard, downtown FargoMoorhead, or even my favorite grassy field or rural setting that I have access to. If you don’t have any special location in mind, we can talk it over and bring our visions together to decide on a location. If preferred, we can do your session inside at my downtown studio if you prefer that over an outdoor session.

I also am very willing to shoot outside during the winter on a nice wintery day for any adventurous families or kiddo’s that would like to join me for a petite session. We would just have to be flexible and watch the weather a couple weeks at a time to try to set a date. Occasionally, again weather permitting, we can also venture out at the end of our studio session and get a couple wintery photos in the pines at a nearby park.



what can I expect at my session?

Expect to have a fun, relaxed time.  I approach each session individually depending on the personalities of the people I am photographing. I aim for a good blend of posed photos and lifestyle photos from your session, but in the end, nothing makes me happier than capturing genuine expressions and the love between my clients.

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (or longer for newborns and seniors) depending on which session type you choose. Click HERE to see my pricing/investment page with my different session options.

The length of the session will also depend on your child/children as far as how they are doing and usually when they are DONE, (meaning that taking breaks and bribes/incentives aren’t working anymore) we know it and we will wrap things up.



how can I prepare my children/family before a session?


As far as being prepared for your session, a couple of the most important things are to be sure you bring your child/children to their session well rested and following a meal if at all possible. If that means having an early supper or an early lunch, then I would highly encourage you to do that. Kids that come to their session and have to wait for supper until after were done with pictures often have a hard time cooperating, and many times, it’s simply because they are getting hungry and trust me all cooperation tends to go out the window at that point.

As far as other ways to prep them is to tell them we are going to have fun and explore!  I try to let children have fun during the session, and move around/change things up frequently to keep them from getting bored.  We can also take breaks. If you have more than 1 child, I will often take one child at a time off with me to get their individual shots and keep distractions to a minimal from their siblings.  I suggest bringing a drink along as well as their favorite snack as maybe even an incentive.

And just remember that even if they aren’t full of smiles.. that’s ok!  We want to capture them as they are.  And truly, moms are always amazed that we get some ‘good shots’ even when the kids don’t necessarily love having their picture taken. One of the last things I do at a session is review what photos we have taken and make sure that we got all the shots we hoped and planned for before we say our goodbyes.


when will I receive my images following my session?


About 3 weeks after your session, your images will be presented to you in a private online gallery, ready for instant download from your gallery to your home computer. Sneak peeks on Facebook or my blog, within just a few days of your session, and a lot of times, I do sneak peeks within hours of your session!


do you offer digital prints?


Yes, I do. You will receive fully edited digital images in your final gallery, which varies with the type of session you choose (10-40 images or more). This includes a full print release and printing recommendations to help guide you to the best printing labs in the industry. At the time that I email your gallery to you, I will also give you some directions to help you download your images to your home computer.  Your gallery will not expire for 6 months, but I highly recommend that once you download your images,  you make sure to back them up to whatever your preferred method of archiving your photos is, be it a USB flash drive, an external hard drive or websites like Carbonite or Mozy.



Here is a sample gallery for you to view that is similar to what you would receive from your own session;




what should we wear?


Every family has a different style, so go with what you feel comfortable in.  Take into consideration the colors in your home so that when you put the pictures up on your walls, they’ll coordinate.  I always love some good pops of color! And don’t be afraid to mix textures and prints… it adds fun to your photos.   Another thing to take into consideration when choosing your clothing is where your photos will be shot.  In general, I do recommend staying away from big logos, baseball hats, or everyone matching (such as all white shirts and khakis).  Clothing changes are welcomed and encouraged especially with kid only sessions for some great variety in your final images. And if you need help, Pinterest (<–click right here) or HERE is another great resource for help when planning for the perfect wardrobe ideas! And tons of photography ideas for that matter!


do you book weekend sessions?


Yes, after Labor Day, as we go into the fall and winter, I start booking both weeknight and weekend sessions and continue having weekend sessions until summer time comes. Fall is my busiest time of year, so if you know you want a fall family session, contact me as early as possible to ensure I will have a spot for you on my calendar.


what can you tell me about your newborn sessions?


Since I am a natural light photographer, my newborn sessions are done during daylight hours and typically start around 10am and generally last 3-4 hours.

I do offer a mini-maternity session that would be best to be scheduled around 30-34 weeks of your pregnancy. The session can include dad and siblings.

Newborns are best photographed under 2 weeks of age; the ideal timing is around 5-10 days old. Planning in advance is the key to success! Coordinating a photo session seems like the last thing on your list of priorities once your baby is born. This is why I recommend booking your session at least 2-4 months in advance of your due date to make sure everything is lined up ahead of time and you don’t have to worry! Once we have you all booked and I know your approximate due date, the only thing you need to do is to contact me as soon as baby arrives so we can finalize our date.

Newborn sessions are held at my downtown studio and they are all posed shots of your newborn, as well as family/mom/dad/sibling shots if desired. If we are doing sibling/family shots, we always do those right off the bat, and then I encourage you to bring someone (whether that be dad, grandma or a family friend) who can take your other child or children home after they are done as the session takes a few hours and it just gets too long for them (and too warm since we crank up the heat for the baby!). There are times that siblings, particularly ages 1-3 can be resistant to portraits with the new baby, but please know I will do my very best to get sibling shots for you as I know how precious those can be to parents. Again, it’s best to have everyone wear soft, neutral tones for your session. Avoid logos and busy patterns. I will send you much more detail if you book a newborn session with a special guide I designed to help prepare my newborn clients for their session.



is there anything I should bring to the session?


I have all the furniture type props up at the studio that we will use. I also bring a couple things along for my on-location sessions; usually a quilt or blanket and a chair or crate depending on the need for it.


what happens after the session?


After your session, I will sort through your photos and select the very best images that I will then edit to be added to your gallery. I will email you a link to your private online gallery and you will then choose your images (the number will vary according to which session you chose) . I also love to post sneak peeks on my Facebook business page or put up a blog post here on my blogsite with a few pictures from your session so you can easily share them with friends and family while you wait for your final gallery.


when should I book my session?


It’s best to schedule your session as far in advance as possible to choose from the widest selection of available dates. Once you make your down payment, you are locked into a session.  My calendar fills up quite quickly as soon as the warm weather arrives.  Sessions typically book out 4 weeks in advance the first few months of the year, but that turns into 6-8 weeks once summer hits, especially for fall family sessions.


how do I pay for my session?
I accept personal checks or Paypal.  In order to reserve a spot on my calendar and lock into your date, simply send me an email:  exposuresbyjlinnea@gmail.com

We will make a plan from there and I will send you an invoice with an option to mail me a check or go through the PayPal link so you can send me the 50% down retainer payment and make it official!

Then you and I will be all set to start preparing and planning for your session.

The other half of your session cost is due by or ON the day of the session. If you want to use PayPal at that time, again you can link to PayPal right through your final invoice that I will send you a day or 2 before your session, otherwise just bring your final check on the day of your session.

Also, If you would like information on my payment plan option, please contact me to discuss.


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